Front Door Lock And Handle | Repair And Replacement

A house is where people will be spending most of their life with their family in. A house is also where they keep a lot of their valuables. With that being said, it becomes very important for people to make sure that their house is safe enough from any outside threats that may possibly take place. For this safety reason, front door locks often prove to be just what the people need.

Fortunately, there are various kinds and models of front door locks people can easily avail these days. Also, most of the time, making sure that the people's house is safe is not the only thing a front door lock is capable of achieving. A front door lock is also capable of increasing the value a house may possess in no time at all. This makes a front door lock worth taking into consideration even more.

As mentioned earlier, there are various kinds and models of front door locks, one of which is the combination front door lock. This is a keyless mechanical lock that makes use of an entry point that is resistant to weather. It can also be opened up simply with touch thanks to its touch control panel. This mechanical lock has various advantages compared to a conventional lock and those advantages will be discussed shortly.

This particular kind of front door locks makes it unnecessary for people any longer to worry about possible loss of key or unintentional lockouts. To make things sound even better, this kind of door locks cannot possibly be duplicated by someone else who do not really possess an authorized access to the house. Those homeowners who make use of this kind of door locks can usually add, alter or delete the door lock entry code number which consists of 3 to 4 digits. And the good thing is that the homeowners can do these things as many times as they wish.

Designed to accept more than just a single entry code number, a combination front door lock will usually have no significant problems for use by those larger families or small home offices. Also, taking into consideration that there are up to 9999 possible combinations of code entry number if people use all 4 digits, a high level security can surely be guaranteed.

A lot of people usually favor this combination front door lock thanks to the illuminated touch panel which is available on the lock. This makes it significantly easy for people to enter the lock code number even if it is already dark in the night. Some other features that are also quite popular with this particular kind of door locking systems include an ability to override with a metal key and also an alarm system.

This combination front door lock alarm system is very efficient. It takes into account the number of false entries that have taken place. If the alarm detects that there have been more than 3 times of failure in people's attempts of entering the lock code number, the alarm will then give out a loud and noticeable sound.

This front door lock usually comes in various colors and finishing. This way, it will blend to mostly available polished brasses, satin nickel, antique brasses and oil rubbed bronzes among other decoration set-ups. A combination front door lock can also be paired with a decent front door knob to make a good combination of front door hardware.

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